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Abstract: the adult consumer market is very large and covers a wide range. Behind it is something that is more essential – love, human reproduction, etc..


not long ago, CEO afternoon conversation between Chile and a ten billion valuation company, during which three topics were discussed: "who are you?" "where are you from?" "where are you going?"". More popular, the three questions of life: the questioning of time and space, the question of reproduction, the questioning of death.

Most of the life behind

is accompanied by sex, and behind sex is the release of my own identity – human beings have never stopped this kind of release, nor can they stop. You know all this, but you probably don’t know how big the adult consumer market is, how big it is and how far it affects it. Smart and some of the industry talked about today’s adult related industries, the results were more exaggerated than expected.

adult products market, big

learned that, in 2012, China has about 500 personal goods factories, more than 20 items of interest shops. So far, the market for sporting goods has continued to grow.

fun supplies electricity supplier "spring hall" CEO Zhi Lin Degang said things, the annual China Adult supplies market thirty billion yuan, about 600 billion yuan per year worldwide. According to this estimate, excluding minors and elderly people, the annual consumption of adult supplies has been around 200 yuan, while Li Yinhe, a sex scientist, estimates that 70% of the world’s adult products are made in china. This is only the adult goods market, not including other adult related industries, such as video.

The average

of 200 yuan, 70% Adult supplies consumption from Chinese – you may think it may fall back, but not to regard it as right right after graduation from college, opened Adult supplies shop 90 Ma Jiajia is keen on this, created the "elephant condom" brand 90 Liu Kenan is keen on this, they also have allegedly obtained 6 million yuan and $5 million investment. This is not just a case. The investment in the entire appeal industry has been much stronger in the last two years than in the past.

rapid growth in the adult goods market

fun supplies electricity supplier "he" disclosed in 2014 50 million yuan A round of financing, "Spring House" fun supplies electricity supplier in March 2015, got 80 million B round of financing, valuation of 500 million yuan. There are a lot of fun supplies company completed large financing, launched smart toys, intelligent aircraft cup, intelligent yam dumbbell, remote, real taste touch entertainment has realized. There are insiders even potential to make specific pronouncements, different people enjoy better fun. That doesn’t seem enough – the adult industry has not been more than just supplies.

in the entire adult related industries, including interest products (including taste toys, costumes, >