Cold winter the financial crisis is grassroots opportunity

yesterday attended the inaugural 2009 Shanghai small site Cultural Festival, to listen to the network of expert speech, speak very real, very reasonable, if 3 years ago they heard the speech, I guess I would not go so many detours.

actually I science background, writing is not my strengths, so in order to promote the site, will have to write text, expect to improve the site traffic, through the soft, so, I have become a "mediocre grassroots network of writers" notoriety, regardless of how others mock me, I have been persistent to do their own thing. Many network experts use mass software, SEO, email, and I do not understand technology, so I use the most stupid way: the soil to write soft propaganda website, also do not have the money to do online advertising to promote, so a written to several years. Even if no money, I have always insisted on writing, wrote many articles, know a lot of friends, also make money online to many Internet users through the form of soft recommendation. So I sum up a point: expectations are often the most stupid, and the most popular promotion method is probably the most effective method of promotion.


graph king mentioned in my speech, he mentioned the money online, looking for an online accounting software at the time, the results of a search, in front of a dozen pages, all I wrote about the soft money online.

, one of the guests, said the station grew up mostly with technician origin, so they were very focused on technology and were still unsuccessful because they ignored the market and customers. I run money online for more than 2 years, I deeply realize, I never said in the article, off-line technology is the best, the most cattle, even the best of the cattle, cattle and members will not because the technology to use online banking customers. I have always said that money online is the most suitable for the membership function. Only with the perfect combination of technology and customers, can we form word of mouth communication. Otherwise, good technology may become an important reason for hindering the development of the website.

grassroots webmaster, don’t do smart people, do the most stupid person. Yesterday, a guest said this point of view, I very much agree, it is estimated that many webmasters are not necessarily recognized, think oneself is smarter than others. I admit that I am a stupid person, a stupid one with only one stick. Many friends around, see what the site is good, immediately follow the trend, do it out, after a period of time to change. Many friends often say "ODA to me, I have a very good idea, must be more than Alibaba." "First, I have a very good promotion way", ODA, I think of a function of the one and only "," ODA, I have a lot of promotion channels, the website will soon be bigger". A few years have passed, and look back at these friends, mostly for several sites, or earn a little money, or no money. When they told me they thought, I heard the confused, because I am stupid, I can’t understand all of a sudden. Also because I am stupid, so I do practical money online, many friends advised me not to do that with bookkeeping habits >