Chinese webmaster circles teach you how to distinguish between true and false multi line space

IDC now the market is quite chaotic, many unscrupulous businessmen rent broken server started posing brand server sales, even with single space multi line space sales fraud posing as a novice webmaster, following laomeng personal experience to communicate with the owners said that under the common knowledge to identify multi line space knowledge, as well as some tricks the space used.

1. double line IP space

many veteran space contractors are still selling this double double IP space, this is the earliest form of a double, a server plug two card, one is connected to a ground line of telecommunications, Netcom lines, many webmaster friends see a double double IP one hundred percent sure that is double the host in fact, taking some space, skill points can be used to accelerate the VPN line or single one IP server in IP dress, although improved than the single effect, but with the double is not a concept, but due to the technical complexity of stability is very poor, double IP technology has come out the edge, so we do not recommend to buy two IP servers.

2. double line single IP space


in recent months on a number of flat-share server, laomeng found is single IP double IP has many advantages, very stable speed, the difference between telecom and China Netcom’s speed is not great, not so fast that double IP Telecom Netcom Netcom users access speed is not ideal or telecommunication lines fast access Netcom line but slow the situation, so the recent batch of flat-share laomeng have abandoned the server double double IP line instead of the multi line single line IP.

3. multi line single IP space this month on the new server is BGP multi line single IP line, from the customer feedback this line machine is above two kinds of technology have obvious advantages in all regions across the country basically in the access speed, stability has been good, may this king is to have the room this will remind you, buy a little, be sure to buy the old server room or large room, don’t choose not even heard of the room for a few days, otherwise no one has enough for you to cry. The individual space firm said the five line six line and seven or eight line space, pure nonsense, the main network is China Telecom, China Unicom, Railcom, mobile, do not know that the so-called eight which is out of line.

buy space line is not the more the better, I have seen a lot of so-called seven line eight line, the actual test is a one-way telecommunications, the best way to buy multi line single IP space is the first to find several different network friends Ping, see the Ping value is big, if a lot of difference, that basically it is not a multi line.

time rush to write so many, in short, we remember the most commonly used method, double line double IP as far as possible do not use, speed is not good, and often not Netcom line, there is a problem is that the telecommunications interface, >!