am in Beijing Daoye life

first statement, this is soft, I personally original, in the big BBS hair feeling, the effect is not bad, especially to share with you webmaster.

graduated from the University of Beijing is equal to unemployment, in this competitive environment, to a comfortable job is hard to find, I also went to apply for many companies, want to go to the local people do not high wages, lower wages and not willing to earn so little money every day, people also make the donkey.. Fortunately I have a proficiency in a particular line – on the internet… Don’t laugh, my first pot of gold is on the Internet when profiteers earned, at first I was blind to see the Internet, irrigation, what to play online games in Then I can’t go on like this, have a chance to do what, Taobao, found business opportunities, Taobao mobile phone manufacturers to sell cheaper outside Chongzhi cards, 50 dollars to nearly 2 dollars cheaper, so I began reselling delta card, first from the side of the best start, a lot of friends in my it bought me a delta card, earn 1 dollars more, there is not much, but anyway, the Internet also can earn a little money, but my friends also feel very convenient, but also a little cheaper, now is not a lot of people have online banking, not to mention Taobao, they all think get real name verification too much trouble, quickly around the friends of friends also come to buy most of the day, I sold more than 40 Chongzhi cards.. Make 50 dollars or so.. It was fun, though it seemed to many people to be penny rich… What then I fell, all kinds of online cards, prepaid phone cards.. And so on, so every day on the Internet to do a little business, as long as other people need, I will help them to buy, earn a little difference between the middle.

                  the most of the day I earn more than 300 dollars, was happy to die, in others it seems I was crazy, sitting in front of the computer every day, occasionally go out is not delivered to the post office, gradually, I also don’t meet in these, so I want to pour some things before, I saw the second-hand car market, I found a lot of supply and demand are not long stalled vehicle information trading in Beijing used car network, I think if I can fix these transactions, earn a fee from the profit is very considerable, the second-hand car is something before I fall with those gadgets, the cheapest cars also have tens of thousands, if these cars can match the success of the transaction, even if 0.5% of the fee charged profit is also very impressive, I started to collect the information on the Internet, playing A lot of phone calls, I found that many people who buy cars and sell cars are not in Beijing, so I want to represent them for trading vehicles, but who can rest assured that I am such a stranger to help them buy and sell cars?.. If you want to put my reselling business bigger, it is necessary to register the company, so people through my car to sell more at ease, so I took the goods before himself to earn money, and ask a friend to borrow some, and a classmate of a company registered at first, second-hand car.