How can websites achieve lasting vitality by delivering value

in a chat with a friend, we all talked about his website’s long-term expectations: hope to make their sites become a hundred years old, rather than the existence of "the moment, this flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum" refers to how to make the website to obtain the lasting vitality, continue to get user acceptance and support this. Is the site into a can bring benefits for the owners of the "shake Qian Shu" basis. To do this, the combination of these a few years do stand experience, I feel the need to make the website Everfount to convey the value of its users, bring practical help for users of the site "value", so as to achieve what we want to create a hundred years old target. How to make the website continuously transmit value, I feel stationmaster can from below a few aspects force:

1 delivers functional values to the user

for the technical owners, it is not difficult to build a website with practical functions, and these functions are just the core evidence to attract users and get users to use and support. As we know the ip138 website, the first is with an early start, can provide a simple and convenient IP query tool for Internet users, a variety of practical and subsequent increasing query tools won the leader firm, become a huge success of site traffic; there have been regarded as a successful example of hao123 navigation network station it is the actual demand, Li Xingping known as ordinary users, so as to create to meet users needs, with practical achievements of the generation of the legend; in addition to our webmaster webmaster tools commonly used, it is able to satisfy our website related data and became popular in the webmaster, will be used every day in the tool, so it gains a success. Therefore, according to this kind of train of thought, analysis and aim at the user’s demand, pass the value of the function type for the customer, undoubtedly is a successful road in the website development.

two, to communicate the value of communication type to the user

for the non skilled webmaster, want to do station also is not a problem, this test is the webmaster website operation ability, because the number of Internet users in many Internet, there is a need for communication, the need for a to have the same interests and hobbies of the users to communicate platform. This platform often exist in the form of the forum. In order to meet the users need to communicate, and many forum came into being, it is kind of a wide variety, variety, from the comprehensive forum to the local forum, from the theme of the forum to the small forum, behind various forums hidden is people for the free exchange of desire and demand. This aimed at the needs of users, create a clear positioning, according to the actual needs of users of the forum, and make self characteristics, to attract and retain users, is undoubtedly a development path to success webmaster. In this model, how to analyze and meet the needs of users is the key to the success of the forum’s communication.

three, pass to user >