Collectibles e commerce website operation five steps

electricity supplier, unconscious circle of the hottest topic, and now e-commerce can be said to be quite hot Internet industry, there are many bubbles inside. All walks of life are slowly beginning to develop e-commerce, which may be a trend. We take the collection industry, this industry is really hidden web site, the day of last year collection of electronic commerce website is still quite small, the competition is not fierce, now every day there are several collections of e-commerce websites emerge, there are also many web sites fall. The industry has felt unprecedented pressure. The success or failure of the web site, I absolutely lies in the operation, so the collection industry’s electricity supplier website is also more emphasis on the operation (we do not talk about telemarketing today, asking for sale).

is a collection of electronic commerce website operation, I always consider the following questions: site positioning, (Online + offline) marketing, visit customers, develop new customers, various statistics, logistics and express.

first. Site positioning

what do our websites do? We must be clear about that. E-commerce website first thing to solve is what we sell to consumers, our things can solve what demand for consumers, site positioning is critical, but also the key to the success of the electricity supplier + basis. While we are laying the foundation, we are going to investigate our products. Our advantage in what? Who are the main competitors in this industry, and their competitive advantage where are we? Before we choose to do the collection is a complete coincidence, because the use value of about 60000000 Chinese collectors in this market. The advantage of our product is good appearance, reasonable price. Our peaceful coexistence for competitors, understand their profit point, profit model, sales model, there is a saying that good enemy awareness, in fact this industry is very transparent, then several sales practices that several models may be not with new blood into the come in.

second. Marketing

we’re just talking about internet marketing, offline sales, whatever. Marketing, as long as the businessman should pay attention to this problem, you do the site in the fierce, not marketing, your things will sell it? Now buyers know better than three, not to pick up the era. Marketing, in fact, the collection industry is very simple, do 4, "we" on OK,


1. who are we? What are we,


you know, we sell collectibles, we are businessmen, and we need to strongly recommend collectors to each collector.

2., who are our competitors and how do we compete?

, we should start from our competitors and see who in the industry share the "porridge". How much can we get? Why are we short? What’s not good? We have to catch up.