Li Yanting 8 links to email marketing

(E-mail Marketing) today e-mail marketing to become one of the many electronic commerce and network service enterprises the most important way of network marketing, because of its low cost, marketing according to the characteristics of strong, strong controllability in the future will be used by many traditional enterprises. Email marketing is also one of the oldest marketing methods in Internet marketing. Some people sell it by email before they have a search engine. So the search engine marketing email marketing is big, although it is a way of marketing there for a long time but because of the policy threshold is relatively rigorous, other methods of marketing is very high, so do email marketing is not a very easy thing, we need to grasp on all aspects of the.

I wrote a story about email marketing concept level article "Li Yanting: permission based email spam and what are the characteristics?", we start from the permission email marketing, to analyze what is an important factor that affects the effect of email marketing. So what are the links in the email marketing process? What are the roles of these links?

we generalize to eight links:

1, mail content planning

a good mail content needs to be close to the recipient of the mail, with our marketing purpose, and will not be based on the resentment of the recipient of the mail to plan. If the content of the message is of interest to the receiver, then it will greatly increase the marketing effect.

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2, the originality of the mail heading

, a creative title will attract the recipient to open the message, only to open the mail mail will see the contents inside, in our experience the mail open rates will directly affect the title of the message, so we need to repeatedly test the recipient in the process of e-mail marketing preferences, brainstorming can also choose a the recipient to open the mail creative.

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3, mail template design,

The design of

mail template not only to the pursuit of beauty to attract the attention of the user, it should comply with the design rules of the international anti spam organization, try to avoid the spam box template design mistake allowed us to enter each other’s mail or enter the mail vendor list.

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4, collection of mailing lists

many people mistakenly believe that mailing lists need to be collected on a search engine, EMAIL addresses on other websites, or other people’s mailing lists, which makes no sense. Because the mailing list is not accurate, not only will be considered spam, but also greatly increased the difficulty of sending mail. So we try to use a more accurate mailing list, which can be collected via your own website, and they may be registered on the site