How to produce original content

came home from work, the first thing is to open my diabetes website webmaster statistics, although also opened a few days, but because the article updates more frequently, the amount collected has been growing steadily, most of the owners are now on the acquisition of -> pseudo original modified to increase the content, and the original article is less and less. Pseudo original, well, everyone knows things, but the operation varies from person to person, but now I want to say is how to increase some "original" feeling very strong things.

1, substitution method: synonyms replacement, place name replacement, name replacement, time replacement, etc., for narrative class of the most useful articles, change these content, search engine with this can not see.

2, sorting: a certain kind of academic articles, by 1, 2, 3, 4,…… Arranged, if there is no causal link between a few points, you can disrupt the order, re row the serial number, so that it can achieve "original" purpose.

3, paging method: some articles are particularly long, you can consider more than a few pages, but not too much, because it will reduce the user experience, so that the search engine will also think is "original."". However, this method is not recommended, the more pages, the more annoying people read, a good article can not read a single time, the slower the speed, the more upset.

4, copy Calligraphy: you can find some "new" magazines or books, copy some of this up, although very tired, but the absolute original rate is high, of course, also have the problem of intellectual property rights, but if you are only a small website, no one to control you. Bigger, let’s try another way, isn’t it? Like my diabetes network, a part of it comes from professional books and magazines, as to which books I don’t say, so as not to be reported:)

finally gave a suggestion webmaster friends: do not fear a little tired, diligent, update, each one to see it again, the method described above, for different types of the article, do not copy an article, a random change, made up, they see is the wrong words, sentences or even anacoluthon, heaven raised frequently, the more effort you spend, the better off you will be.

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