How does the website do construction work to be able to say is a good website

today, the company opened a morning meeting, colleagues chatted about a topic, "what a good website construction to define" colleagues have all sorts of gossip?, rhetoric, discussed as if it were raining flowers. I’ve been so busy lately that I don’t have time to take care of this blog. I had some time today to talk about my own view.

remembers the original blog that I wrote about the development of the Internet and an Internet trend so far. Lead to more and more people join and in-depth Internet, because the Internet really let a lot of people in this age became a celebrity, a famous teacher, a famous expert, became rich off the oil rich ~ there are many people who want to rack their brains to make money from the Internet, I was one of them. Hey ~

so what is a good website, everyone’s mind has its own definition. There are desirable, controversial, and unreasonable. But doesn’t the truth always exist in the hands of successful people? Ha ha, Ma Ma! I have to admit that he has the special function of predicting the future. He got a Taobao and got a Alibaba. Published a lot of predictions for the future, all of them! Eight or nine, no ten! Become a cult idol of Internet entrepreneurs, his views have become forever absolute. We also like the wind, for, take. The man who used it said, "teacher Ma, you are the mentor of my life.". The loser says: no! I still cannot fathom the horse the teacher’s mantra! Why, a good website, all these truths to be defined up, that your own things are not?. The lack of this era is their own ideas, open IE, imitation everywhere, without any new ideas.

to think in the point of view, I have always felt that website localization is one of the most important link of the website, it determines the future development direction of your website, this website has decided in the future whether it belongs to a kind of good standing. So the station under construction, please ask yourself, "what to do a what kind of website? Why do I want to know this question repeatedly, because now people basically do stand in the suit, not really to consider this problem, the construction site is out of the same with peers garbage station, just a few days fix a construction site, and then try to hurry to promotion, submitted to the major search engines to find Links mad, do the chain, write text. The result is a few months down, the result is a little bit, the flow is up a little, but it began to appear a bottleneck, a long bottleneck ah, some people tend to give up. Why is there such a bottleneck, so that your site has not been able to break it up, because your site can not accumulate users, can not keep people. Your website building was doomed from the beginning.

then, how exactly is site construction a good place? It’s always been a good site to think of, or inspired by, your own web site. In the words of some famous person, that is, your website must have user requirements