A new round of network monitoring could turn more webmasters into foreign space

recently, the Ministry of public security, the Central Propaganda Department and other 13 departments began a nationwide network supervision of a new round, this is undoubtedly a very bad news for domestic domain hosting providers, more domestic and foreign space to use Adsense inevitable.

webmaster worry about the main problems are:

1, the large size room last year broken network events are likely to occur again, in the current situation, in order to higher authorities or the leadership of the happy, because a website in violation of the provisions of tens of thousands of Web site can not access can not be avoided.

2, the national filing system has been upgraded, the record speed has made some progress, but forums, message boards and other interactive sites to obtain approval for the record is still very troublesome.

3, the domestic construction cost increasing pressure due to the various IDC room may also rise, the national management of the engine room of the strengthening, who is responsible for access to take regulatory measures, some local telecom companies in order to avoid risks may stop IDC business.

in this case, more domestic Adsense to use foreign space inevitable, think the current use of foreign mainframe mainly has the following advantages:

1, to overcome the problem of telecommunications Netcom visits: Web site abroad, north-south speed access can also be, at least faster than the wire from the telecommunications access to the computer room site.

2, avoid filing and other complex procedures.

3, cheaper, cheaper than the domestic host, stable quality, reliable reputation, the United States sound laws to ensure the reliability of business commitment.

5, to solve the problem of slow speed for visitors from other countries, especially for foreign customers, it is necessary to select foreign hosts.

6, website content restrictions are relatively loose, this does not need to say more.

7, the current Chinese Web site has been flooded, it is a trend to make English websites, and it is essential to use English hosting websites for English websites.

of course, foreign space also has some disadvantages, but the absolute speed can also be better than domestic, how to choose to see the webmaster, some personal blog websites use foreign space is undoubtedly the best choice for