Baidu K station used to it

read a lot of articles about Baidu’s K station, but also checked whether or not the station itself was K violation. This station has a station, 08 years began, Baidu is k, close, received K, has been repeated 7 or 8 times, after this station was included, there will be no changes. Do not know their station, and that makes Baidu uncomfortable. Are numb, and now Baidu K station has become accustomed to. 2 days ago, Baidu update, and was a station K, this station was K without reason before, I do not know why, Baidu released before February, 2 months later, but also to the K, and also above the same station, without any changes.

now what about Baidu K station, what included articles are too lazy to read. Baidu gives me the feeling of just a kid without any stability. Look at your dislike, k you, there is no reason to speak.

now, just like the original Chinese mobile phone market, is a global, sell you a number, you receive a price, how much love to use, just one, then came China unicom. Breaking the global market monopoly, our small people will be able to feel that consumers should have some services. If not with Unicom, and now China’s mobile phone market, or global monopoly, we can imagine what kind of environment will be.

now we webmaster situation, and the original global monopoly mobile phone communication market, Baidu treat our attitude is, the Chinese market, this time, you think my service is not good, can not use.


is no use complaining, but to hope, China can speak 2, 3 can Baidu search engine and a situation of tripartite confrontation, breaking the monopoly, then estimate the present Baidu uncle, will put down the shelf active and our small station communication.

is now Baidu, you scold or coax or don’t answer you.

, Baidu’s slogan, "I’m Grandpa. Who am I afraid of?"".