Classification information network market operations guide reference

classified information is actually the earliest electronic yellow pages, the earliest classified information station is doing business yellow pages, but the popularity of the Internet speed determines the success or failure of some people! People summed up the steps of classified information station, for your reference.

the first step, space and domain name is the key. I have always advocated local classification can have a way out, so the space domain name must be combined with local characteristics, such as the station: on the use of Huangshi local code, so that local people can quickly remember.

second step, the image and content is the facade. The website is a platform for doing business with the same facade, so the art design of the website, logo and name must be consistent with the public aesthetic view, architecture must be simple and practical, to have local characteristics, first of all to attract users is possible to create value.

third step: market analysis determines success or failure. Do a good job site must be combined with local characteristics of the site for certain marketing functions, changes and changes. Such as Huangshi specialty snacks are more famous, you can take restaurants, snacks as the main line; if it is a tourist city, you can travel as the main line of the site, and the local tight life combination, in order to make the site into the user’s life.

fourth step: energy and experience are indispensable. Local classification information network, unlike other sites, offline promotion should be the main push direction. Propaganda and promotion, customer cooperation, you need the webmaster has a certain energy and experience, can lay down the computer, go to customers, talk about cooperation, first ask yourself.

fifth step: good faith management in order to long. If you can go fourth steps, no matter how much you should be able to pull to some customers, see money, but money can not directly into the bag. You should be set up and customer relationship, since it is cooperation, you have to let customers see your work, from the customer to return, there must be a part of it for website promotion, at the same time with your website customers, allows customers to see your website can really bring benefits for him, can only be this website will be operating in good faith forever.

well, the five step was that under general direction, each step involves the link is quite much, unable to say, even if that is not necessarily applicable to the webmaster themselves with their own situation analysis, because even if imitation must have their own characteristics.