f you want to build the O2O Empire you have to face the three issue

mentioned that the United States mission, we must not be unfamiliar, as a thousand regiments survived the product, the United States in the past two years to see the development of all. Not only catering and hotel business, but also cultural, entertainment and film business performance is quite impressive. Especially in 2014, Wang Xing’s technique is the needle with blood, hired the former head of Baidu LBS Shen Li, a substantial advertising, the main takeaway business, completed a new round of financing and so on, people understand at a glance the United States Mission in seeking a broader platform to promote their own development.

in my eyes, the United States mission is no longer a simple group purchase products, the product and brand value through early two words a few blocks away group purchase, now the United States more than terrible two years ago, because it has been deep into the 123 lines of the city in the soil, even in the four line of the city has an absolute advantage. Today’s group is actually a life service company, it does not care about how much the listing brings itself, how beautiful the performance, it really cares about whether you can have an ideal O2O platform.

after all in the country, in order to really be recognized by the market, by consumers worship, face a second tier cities, BAT camp is essential. Especially recently, Baidu launched a direct number, WeChat is stepping up the layout of O2O, when Wanda Tencent development business line contact Ali, the United States mission more to prove himself in front of the world, to know the beauty of power and influence is far from the beginning. Of course, the strength does not mean that the United States mission has a good chance, in the face of BAT’s powerful resource shield, the United States mission to achieve an ideal O2O platform is not easy. At least in my opinion, three difficulties must be paid attention to.

first of all, can the American team challenge itself and take off the group purchase tag?. The United States is indeed relying on the group to buy up. But relying too much on buying labels will undoubtedly make your future path narrow. In the local life services market, you do not let you anticipate your presence in the consumer, but should allow users to switch freely in the consumer content and scenes of life in the past, APP vertical Service Beauty Group flagship is very successful, also directly promote their own mobile performance fluctuate, but in the face of new the environment, which rely on APP mobile terminal will not bring means orders into the mainstream, how to let consumers you provide entertainment to find in life is a major proposition. Map, information classification and so on are a very good breakthrough, although the group did not have more than two kinds of products according to the weapon, but rooted in the city, will undoubtedly make beauty group advantage in information collection, how to unify the platform will be directly related to the U.S. group in the process of building the competitiveness in the O2O.

secondly, how do you minimize the cost of allocating resources?. Faced with the enormous impact of BAT on resources, the advantages of the U. S. mission have been minimal. Especially when Wanda claims to cooperate with Tencent and Ali, we can know that as a purely online product, even if the U. S. mission is in the city