Basic principles of web user experience


on the Internet website pass fast growth, how to let the user experience our website feel good? This is our site for consideration, only the user experience in order to retain high mining potential users and better. Briefly, five personal views on the basic principles of web user experience are shown in figure



– remember the domain name of the website spaceThe preparation of the initial

on the site to choose a good domain name and space is very necessary, domain names can be related to allow users to facilitate memory is our greatest publicity, the domain name must be short and easy to remember, read pronunciation, input write error avoidance; and to have the connotation and significance, such as 51job that is just about looking for a job with


also chooses the right domain name suffix based on the nature of the site. For example, commercial sites can choose.Com organizations, including non-profit organizations, with.Org. Then there is the space, the size of the website space, the operating system, some special functions such as database support, the stability and speed of the website space, the professional level of the website space service provider and so on,

2, useful – Web site helpful to users


users to remember our website, website promotion provides is the user needs, the needs of the user can only stay a long time to access the site, with the site to provide users with information related to access our website, can let users gain, we should broaden the development of this on the basis of.

3, convenient – site settings, layout,

web content display layout is very important, the best first page have a clear category options, set up a convenient button, then the user enters the site quickly find the required information, a part of the user experience is friendly;

4, interactive – site stickiness

after a certain user we must consider the interaction with the old user interaction, is various, according to the nature of the site, set up a website message board, if the technical aspects to published articles, let users have a dependence of the viscosity on the site, at the same time attention. Business allows old customers to connect, invite friends, present gifts, points, and so on.

5, comfort – website user experience comfort

users on top of the operation are consistent, it will improve the comfort of the site, so that the user experience value is higher than

The above points is seven cubic

summed up the website user experience of the basic principles of personal opinion, only as a reference, is not comprehensive, but also hope that through this article, let more webmaster can exchange links in a direction. Thank you for coming to read. < >