am a webmaster but pay attention to the development of small and medium sized websites

the past few years, a lot of money due to a large number of advertisers into the Internet, has powerful website you fight, the massive new site to rise rapidly, all want to have a space for one person in this looks very beautiful, but money is not easy to make money on the Internet, earn money and fame.

online advertising has become the main force in the advertising media industry, and is an indisputable fact. Its return on investment is the biggest, at least 3 times that of the newspaper and 6 times the amount of television (of course, this number is on the Internet, not accurate).

for any website, earnings is the only weight to survive. The current situation in China’s Internet is that a large number of websites, many content, traffic is not small, but there is no profit path. Some lucky websites can scrape by the consumption of investment, but this is not a permanent solution, not to mention the vast majority of the site is not backed by the grassroots, background.

but every webmaster all know, online advertising is the main mode of website profit, so we like a swarm of bees to advertising, but what kind of advertising for your website, can let oneself really make money? For the survival of small sites, traffic is not enough, then the advertising ability is insufficient, advertising has become the first choice.

is currently on the market a lot of advertising unions, are facing the long tail. Name a few of my contact Adsense website hang more League, shallow analysis, GG, BAIDU, QUNSEE, ALIMAMA.

1. billing methods, generally take CPC, there are problems. The problem of cheating and malicious click let owners with advertising alliance between pull DaoBuMing, what is the harm to the interests of owners alliance, alliance or take this as an excuse to say, has been debated.

2. site resource occupation, GG, BAIDU, ALLIMAMA is occupied by advertising, QUNSEE does not account for advertising. Although the site resources are limited, but it is obvious that the grassroots webmaster resources too much to use, advertising is the first place they want to make use of money. Therefore, advertising in the text does not take advantage of this economy.

How much is

3. making?. This varies due to site traffic and type. Now most of the flow of objective webmaster will feel GG and ALIMAMA make more money. QUNSEE make money in general, but stable. BAIDU doesn’t make money as much as GG, and is always K.

4. visual impact. ALIMAMA’s gorgeous picture, QUNSEE multimedia in many forms, definitely stronger than GG, BAIDU’s lines of monotonous text.

5. advertiser quality. GG, BAIDU almost covers all advertisers in the Internet industry, not to mention. ALIMAMA large number of small and medium advertisers, no need to say, QUNSEE brand advertisers and small advertisers have, but the quantity is not much.