P gave me hope when was in despair

a year, get a good website, had just started a Chengdu lane, before search engines such as Baidu search, there is no "Chengdu Xiang, Chengdu only second-hand sites such as supply and demand, so I was named for it, a few months later, once the search information, Chengdu Xiang out of a few, I had to be renamed, Chengdu life information lane, nobody robbed me, but also a great effort to input a large amount of information, now two months, IP just hovering around fifty or sixty, but it is not my most desperate.

at this time, I also registered two domain names, domain name and host related network and teachers’ homes, and a continuous input information, burning the midnight oil, spent several day, join the information a lot, as many friends said that, in order to let Baidu, Google included, to add their own the site in the search engine, then register the blog at the major portals in the content which also includes its own web site, do, once here and to share, cduuu three day Google is included, but a week later it included Baidu, cduuu.cn and Google included five days half a month, while Baidu is not included, I was desperate, no information it will continue, which makes people think impassability, cduuu had no control over the sruuu, adding so much information, but most of the original content (from the teachers, with the help of friends) but instead, open daily statistics, check collected, traffic situation, very disappointed, is the day before yesterday, suddenly found a miracle, the statistics show: 28, 54: traffic yesterday today, I found that Baidu included the first day after 28, second days 84, third days is 128, fourth days is 149, Baidu included within four days after the sudden increase in traffic, I’m really happy, and Chengdu life information Lane (sruu.net) compared to Baidu included more than 500, pr=1, the daily flow of only about 60, teachers home (sruuu.cn) Baidu included 195, pr=0 included. Only four days, traffic gradually increased, the amount of information is much less than the former, but most of the content is original, keyword density, may be the main reason for the increase of IP, so I have hope, I have confidence to manage the teachers’ homes, more like me The same friend, don’t lose heart, hold on, victory belongs to you!


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