A grassroots webmaster failed experience

Talk about the personal

do stand experience it, remember in 2006 when he had just graduated from school, just contact the Internet I have a great interest in the global network in the whole day, have a great interest in the site, remember to spend 250 yuan to buy a virtual space and domain name. When using PW program to do a forum, the online forum is not like now so much, then doing a forum, I revised, change forum, Baidu had received hundreds of pages of the forum spirit all at once, the regret ah, later the site was mainly to do the transformation, is about some software download, for three months, Baidu, GOOGLE included also is very normal, I found a website also ranked first in Baidu, but later due to lack of adherence. When the job changes, not to maintain the site for more than a month, go to Internet cafes opened my home one day, two minutes are not fully open, and began to think of the server, contact with the staff room, that is normal, "but still can not fully open (at that time in Internet cafes, there is no antivirus software), initially suspected the site was linked to horse, for a fast Internet cafes, into the background, a look at the website template (was dynamic and easy website management system) page and the article page template was added to the framework of Trojan code, the code clear, the website upgrade program, to update the site," resumed its former site visits a smooth, but on the road a drop, sometimes even less than ten IP, I think that I stand. No, what mood to manage it, then website domain name has expired, not to renew, then I went to check the name of my original, others were registered, my first station just failed.

over the past two years, the last to see a colleague in the company to build a web server with your desktop, and set up a music website in the above, the traffic is good, this once again aroused my enthusiasm to do stand, to the website the main program page visited around, finally choose to build the dream weaving +DZ+UCHOME now play with (http://s.17wwb.com), and SNS forum and personal homepage, before my forum is put in the root directory, Baidu was also included, but a few days ago I will put in the forum BBS directory, search engine is a few days without stop crawling That reminds me of the regret, a mistake even fan two times to remind webmaster friends: the website must first determine a good website content, not only the construction, often revised, it will be 100 The degree of punishment, of course, my first station failure is because I did not insist on its own, and now that her choice, I must go to the construction of painstaking efforts, I believe that the sunshine after the rain! ~

, Chinese webmaster friends, come on,


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