Hard charging mode and advertising mode

the so-called "hard text" has two meanings:

one, their own forum, the Dragon Boat Festival has just been established, simply by article to attract browsing, little significance, moreover, mostly here is the webmaster, not my target group. But why do you want to come? Because the forum I built has very few target users, and it’s hard to find a resource. You can’t find the right link to the same type of Web site, so borrow Admin5 to meet some friends.

is just two, because I personally full practice, is not clear, empty talk about truth. Although I often come to Admin5 to see, but rarely speak, the previous one is sold the first site, this is in the construction of second websites.

said the first advertising model, most people see the discussion is also up, may be the comparison night (05 years), what many IP money have not seen how much, how many IP how many messages missed, for two years, received advertising fees including: google:$130 and bokee Alliance for $50 and other subjects many did not survive. Since many people are in pursuit of high IP and high income, I am thinking about who would like to pay for a post and how much I would like to spend. Under the guidance of this thinking, about 3 months after the establishment of the station, IP in 1000, members of around 5000 people began to have income, I remember very clearly, the first 500, after 50-100 per day. The highest day is 800, when the IP is about 5000, the membership has about 100 thousand people.

said, this estimate, 95% of the people do not know what to do will receive money, in the past I mentioned the site to make money, people think I’m doing color station, scared I later dared not mention. I’ve been doing this for over two years now and I don’t feel like I have enough to do, so you don’t have to follow suit. Since my website profit since the moderator ultra edition have his own, like Xiamen fish happen frequently.

For example:

I thought we have seen the download station, if you charge, free people will inevitably affect the development, but the general site is under the assumption that only some of the book online, you this can be downloaded to the press in the electronic version, such as download to your university textbooks and teaching materials online, not all things can use Baidu to search, such as my bank account, e-mail content, really can search only a small part of the.

and how much do I need to spend on real things, how much can I save?. I was content to do abroad each need about $35, about 200 yuan, about 300, because there are many enthusiastic friends to help, with appropriate incentive mechanism, the cost is almost zero, only about 100 yuan, you have to say? Some people would say, I didn’t what technology how can you find the scarce resources, I like you, what also do not understand, what is not, but it will merit it, in my forum moderator is NTU Professor, Dr. Huaxi, "