Garbage station owners must see QQ group learned to do stand truth

as a webmaster, plus a few QQ group is necessary. Join this group for a long time, a lot of society in this group also made a lot of friends last night, nothing to do, is in the group and the veteran chat, found a lot of truth, I asked him in the agreement, our chat record finishing it, I assure you, after you carefully I read the finishing content, then you do stand realm must be sublimated to a new height.

we call the preacher for Mr. B.

1., a novice in the group asked about the code, the public told him for a long time, he is still entangled, so there is the following words:

"Why waste time on code," says

B. Code, personally think that where to use, where to learn, where to improve, where other parts do not need to worry about, do not want to, the site is not done out, but shipped out, even if the garbage station.

construction is always a technical level, the business is always the external phenomenon, what is the website? Is a commercial operation platform and the method, not too much garbage station in the code a waste of time, but after all you always study the updated code.

B said, "we tell you that you are going to do the wrong thing. You have to do it. You might as well try the


procedures, this thing can be modified to use their own, can not be modified with the original function of

2. about garbage stations:

B Jun said: "do the website to have courage, or one night to make 10, 8, or not to do


C said: for these, I feel more deeply, especially to seize the opportunities before the non mainstream just out of time, I think PS changed people make ghosts ourselves no future, never to do stand, when found to become the trend of the others early make full.

sometimes I find out why I can’t get the money because I didn’t do it, and I started doing

D Jun said, "don’t you,


3.B said: if it’s another resource garbage station and regular warfare are not the same but I think most of the brothers in the group should be so don’t be afraid to dump him directly on the 10 8 people have what to fear

4.B Jun summed up his career:

, although several stations have accumulated to 500, but for the time being this year before the new year will not do.

in Advertising: I only half a garbage station We all cheer. And B it up, I really sucks.

5.B Mr. concluding speech:

don’t think too much about garbage stations, just 3

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