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    as a professional web builder, it is often easy to forget your initial difficult learning process. Recently, I was responsible for helping a client named John, who bought a book on "using HTML and CSS to build your own web site" on SitePoint. He encountered a problem at the site, the picture on the site can not be displayed. It’s a very simple question, but it doesn’t solve the problem until you have exchanged emails many times.

often has a lot of problems in building a website. If you understand, it’s easy; but if you don’t understand what’s going on, it’s going to be very frustrating. John was very grateful to me for his help. He drew a cartoon for me. He turned out to be a professional cartoonist. Based on the book’s inspiration, John’s first website, the big pencil design network, was born.

so, don’t hesitate to give others a little help, you may be because your patience has unexpected return