How to collect resume information of talent network free of charge

online recruitment industry’s main product is information, the main source of profit is the recruitment of talent enterprises, consumers, suppliers, job seekers who need to find jobs. Large capacity resume library is the talent network for enterprise customer capital, but also an indispensable resource for talent web site. Operating for many years, the talent website, after years of operation and promotion, has a wealth of talent resources, occupy the dominant position in the market. Therefore, a successful talent website, must have a large number of resumes, data and enterprise job information, in order to attract enterprises, customers and talent registration resume, and form a good virtuous circle.

because of the talent website’s main customer is enterprise, for enterprise to do propaganda service, so talent network enterprise information can be easily collected. But talent network resume information is fees to view the contents of the basic information, such as: the ability to resume, work experience, education, business users can view the free, but the main contact information, they must pay to see. The general collection software can only collect some resume information, and can not effectively collect the complete resume information. Some can view the free resume information of site personnel, are generally relatively small talent website profit point is not in the personnel related services, so less resume, even if the acquisition can also not much use.

through the method mentioned in this article, the use of Web site Cookie vulnerabilities, use certain skills, skip talent network charging procedures, free to view any resume information (including resume, detailed contact information). And collecting many objects are relatively large talent network, the above personnel information is generally hundreds of thousands or more, may be part of the web programmer to low layer communication protocol HTTP server principle is not familiar with the improper use of Cookie, will cause this vulnerability.

now, let’s take for example, and explain how to collect your resume information. Finally, on the whole package, including automatic data collection, data analysis is transferred to the database, to quickly acquire a resume database, the establishment of a good seven digits for your site personnel resume database.

detailed operation process:

1, first of all, let’s register a personal account, just fill it up. It’s not important.

2 and then in the personal job management center, we open the resume preview page, and copy the address of the current page (URL). Http:// Url=PersonResumeLoad


3, intercepting the Cookie string:


this software, you can intercept the Cookie string for us and other information. Run WSockExpert, open, select the IE process, and then in the IE browser >