Baidu to new sites included speed slowed down the pace

now Baidu is indeed on the new sites included the speed slowed down. The purpose is to increase the audit of the new efforts to prevent some horse or garbage station was included, to create a pure space for the Internet, but I think Baidu is in order to establish their own brand image.


how to let Baidu included his new station? Personally, I think the optimization for Baidu is effective, but not fundamental! A new station, to have their own original content, if your site is all copied from the Internet content, no more use, but also very likely to be treated as garbage dump Baidu.


makes basic links. Find some PR value higher site, do friendship link is very critical, because Baidu spider will often visit those sites, if you do link, spider is likely to climb to your site through links.


to Baidu post bar, Baidu know more posts, because those areas Baidu think is very friendly. By the way, bring your own links, you can also speed up Baidu’s collection speed.


creates your own blog. You can create your own in Sina, Sohu, Baidu space blog, the site every day, the spider climb, the more important is to always update their content, the best quality often made some of the original article, then bring your own links, click rate up, your site is not included far away.


  this site, a chain mom is 8 standing, 18 hours later was included, very lucky, ha ha!!!!!! We can take a look at the snapshot of Baidu included.

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