Comparative analysis of process design of ten big B2C website shopping cart

There is a great help to enhance the conversion rate of

shopping cart station and user experience, so a very reasonable shopping cart for any B2C are very important. Look at the Jingdong, Amazon, easy to design a shopping cart, fast Shop No. 1, Cuba, Gome, Suning, Dangdang, where customers, new ten B2C here.

user operating cost

from the product detail page to order confirmation page at least 1 times the number of click: new egg,;

from the product details page to the order confirmation page, at least 2 clicks are: Yi Xun, Amazon, Cuba, Gome,

from the goods detailed page to the order confirmation page, at least 3 clicks are: Jingdong, Dangdang, shop No. 1, where customers;

In addition to the United States,

, immediately buy button Newegg, several others have only added to the shopping cart. Gome to buy immediately just skip the mini shopping cart, Newegg and Suning immediately buy button is direct real order confirmation page. For the purchase of individual commercial users, Newegg and Suning immediately buy button to reduce user many operations, so that users can quickly complete the purchase behavior, eliminating the intermediate links all affect the conversion rate.

for the user to save the shopping cart commodity, only the United States online without non landing users to save shopping cart items, other B2C are using cookie records, save goods can help the user next time to buy, certainly not save goods can protect user privacy.

joins the interactive

of the shopping cart

can be divided into two kinds of interaction: current page popups and jump new pages.

1 shop, where customers, the United States adopted a shopping cart to join the successful interactive form of popups. Why Shop No. 1 to use the shopping cart to pop success? No. 1 shop is an online supermarket, the supermarket to buy things generally, the shopping cart add pop success can reduce the frequent operation of the shopping cart page refresh, the user experience will be very good.


Figure 1.1 shop shopping cart to join the successful pop-up

Yi Xun, Cuba,, Amazon, Newegg is to jump into a formal interactive shopping cart page, and the Jingdong and Dangdang before the formal shopping cart page and a prompt success into the shopping cart page, do not know the Jingdong and Dangdang is for what consideration, why don’t you join the shopping cart success the tips on the formal shopping cart page? Is Jingdong to recommend goods and increase the add to cart success tips page (the Jingdong official shopping cart page without commodity recommendation).


figure 2. Jingdong’s accession to the shopping cart success tips page

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