5 websites that buy links and why they want to buy links

R update soon (estimate is not the end of this month is next month at the beginning of the month), so I want to chat with A5 to buy links to this topic. I hope this article can be for those who are not knowledgeable but also want to buy links to raise PR ranking webmaster friends help. Tell me not to laugh, think a lot of thing ", this shortcut links to buy a quick profit, I belong to a. Hit the little money, one or two months can solve the matter, I will never bitter oneself, the mind has to work, bones and muscles to go for it. Of course, the money is not white, and can guarantee to go out at least under the premise of two, the money I would like to spend, do not feel bad about.

buy link webmaster is not a fool, they are willing to spend a lot of money to buy links, certainly profitable.

1, private station, foreign trade station to buy links,

I buy

link customers more than half are doing it to do foreign trade, there is a small part of the blog. It is station profits, is the so-called risk and profits is proportional to the limit of their basic indicators in accordance with the "three days fishing nets two days of drying" tactics to complete the monthly income of 200 thousand, so it station advertising is also very high, by the minute billing, 300 dollars a minute! Top 1 hours 1000. Compared with road station, foreign trade station is more profits, but it is not the average person can do it, do well, the ranking is up, the monthly income of 100 million is less. A good ranking is the premise of profit of Foreign Trade Station Road station, "a few wrong so they would never buy distressed this link. A month to hit 20 thousand dollars to buy links, but in the long run, I am afraid of


these "big name customer" also let me understand a truth – making money this thing, not just pay time and energy on it.

2, local website buy link

may have asked "where is my station, not with others than the foreign trade station! Besides, and don’t have much money, it can not afford ah!" extend another Liezi, two on-line at the same time place website, why his website soon in the local soon known to every family. It sponsors come to advertise, but you are still hard in the global forum post top stick? As the saying goes, reluctant wife set a wolf, this website promotion is also a truth, hit the money to buy advertising links, make the most obvious effect in the shortest time with the most reasonable expenditure


buys links, improves rankings and awareness, works best for your local web site,

3, blogs buy links,

not only Sifu station, station, local foreign trade website to buy advertising links, take a small portion of the link to buy my blog, it seems not necessary to buy links and what effect for them. They do this is actually in order to earn more money, think of a blog spent 120 dollars on this I bought the station link 3 PR5 (send 2 PR2 links), wait until the next PR update this blog at least 3 points (in general.