Congratulations finally included by DMOZ

below is included in the content:

Top: World: Chinese Simplified: shopping: clothing accessories: Men’s clothing

MOFHOT foreign trade clothing wholesale network – main Guangzhou foreign trade clothing wholesale, South Korea men’s clothing wholesale, men’s casual shoes, foreign trade men’s clothing wholesale, coats, T-Shirts, shirts, jeans and other men’s clothing wholesale.


applications for six months, congratulations on the mofhot foreign trade clothing wholesale network was finally included in the DMOZ.

applied for half a year and failed to pass. A few days ago, I sent an email to a category editor to ask him about my website.

below is a response from the category editor to me:


– email original —–

from: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] on behalf of Dang


send time: August 14, 2008 17:13


Bi Jiao Ping??

theme: ODP Feedback – good to help audit

Hello, what I see in the background is garbled. I don’t know what your website means.



, Top:, World:, Chinese, Simplified::??:






MOFHOTó??????,???,? Have a, ó ó,,???, beta, T, DP,,,? Are, are


Pi Pi


— — — — —

exchanged messages several times, then he asked me to resubmit my application, and today I passed it.

here especially thanks to the category editor: Persia, a very warm-hearted and patient brother.

also reminds you, the Chinese Web site submitted a lot of garbled code will occur, which will seriously affect the pass