From the grass egg net fault how to avoid the site was Shanzhai

has been looking at a web site recently, the "grass egg web". Attention, attention, and found a number of problems, so write it down and share with you. Fucking is a network share in life encountered embarrassing embarrassment the slogan is what a fuck website, day, a creative website FML from abroad (fuck my life), similar to most of the encyclopedia. And this website because stationmaster painstaking management, the momentum of development of a period of time is quite swift and violent recently, the Alex rank of the website has entered 10W mark.

but the rapid development of the website did not take long before a series of problems emerged: the most serious one was the problem of "Shanzhai", although the station itself was shanzhai. General website of the Shanzhai version of the site itself does not appear to be too serious problems, and this station is different, specifically summed up a few points:

1: domain name questions

in China, it is better to use Chinese Pinyin as a website name, and it is better to have com at the end of the domain name. And the domain name of this website is caoegg, it is the phonetic spelling of Chinese phonetic alphabet, add the English word of egg to spell. This domain name may not be a very poor, but gave many owners an opportunity, so caodan, fuckegg and a series of domain name was registered as a webmaster and copycat network, users see when these domain names, can not distinguish between what is the real fucking network, and users may find the copycat version of Aerobics egg net is the real fucking network, thus causing the site to flow is divided up. The solution to this problem is actually very simple, is at the beginning of the relevant domain names are registered, perhaps for our personal small webmaster a little burden is too big, but we should also be at least caodan the Chinese Pinyin domain name registration, as the main domain name, so it is easy for users to websites and other the copycat sites distinguish.

two: the name of the website, question

may be due to "fuck" this word is not elegant, so the owners will be the title of the site to "energy-saving", but this is due to the small move, and let the site into a crisis. When we play the caodan Pinyin input method in use there is a bitch, instead of grass eggs, and I think the word fuck is more in line with the content of the website, many users have heard people say a fucking network after their input in the search time is generally the fuck, and the emergence of the search results are not energy-saving, but copycat sites. This has a great impact on the site, I saw a cottage operated egg network, Alex ranked 10W or so, you can imagine, it actually divided the grass egg network how much traffic?. In fact, to solve this problem is very simple, a method is the title of the site to "fuck", let your site in the search when the fuck in the front row, another method is the title of the site can be changed to "grass egg net >