Grassroots entrepreneurs in Shanghai bitter history

grassroots entrepreneurs living in Shanghai bitter history

Shanghai is a city that I can never forget. Maybe it’s fate with Shanghai. Shanghai is not only my wandering footsteps, more twists and turns of love experience, as well as work and growth experience, but also a lot of friends. Often recall the road that oneself once walked, tears and loneliness are still strong, closely linked together,


when I was young, I don’t know what the outside world, I always thought that the outside world is the development of the space I need, I remember reading junior high school, I said to my mother: "Mom, when I grow up, I have to go outside, and I’m not know that the universe said to my mother:" Mom, what to do outside of the event, the money to earn a lot of money outside". Now in retrospect, really naive, and now I’m in Shanghai, and I know what the outside world, I know what is wandering, I know what life and life.

remember when 03 years of practice, many students are busy with work, I am no exception, at the time of his interest in the network, then there is a Zhejiang Alibaba Huzhou boss found me, I hope that after graduation, to help her do, to tell you the truth, I will not only have what. Is the network that passion, 04 years after the new year, I Annaibuzhu that impulse, a man went to Zhejiang Huzhou, I don’t know what Huzhou is like, have not heard of, remember to school with my classmates, hello and then take the train to Huzhou, not directly to the train, only to change in Hangzhou, I still remember the Hangzhou train station is very beautiful, when to go out, I’m not what too much experience, to be honest, when I When really not only in soil, soil, soil to speak, Hangzhou 4 is the afternoon, then bought a 8 pm train to Huzhou, there are some people on the train back to Anhui, and talked to them about, after more than 11 pm to Huzhou, to play the boss the phone, she let me from the train station to Huzhou City, like Huzhou City train station is quite far away from the city, took more than an hour’s drive to Huzhou City, then the boss called me a taxi to the hotel, when the hotel is small, the taxi driver is also looking for a long time to find it. In such a small hotel the boss to help me rent, then the hotel did not engage in the quilt, I was freezing night for second days, to meet with the boss, and then go directly to the company to work, remember I don’t know how to work at that time, do not know how to do Things, life, just naive, simple and sincere, get some colleagues help. So slowly grow, then the boss gave me a lot of pressure, but also because their own impulse, with his boss 2 childish resignation, I see the boss of a person on the outside, what do not understand, do not want to let me leave, afraid I would lose, the first time, when I decided to quit the company. Many of my colleagues came to see me, I was moved by them, and then immediately decided to return to the company, in the company, to know some friends in Shanghai. "