How to optimize the search experience of local tourism websites

tourism websites have become popular in recent years, and many travel agencies and other enterprises or individuals have joined the industry. Grassroots webmaster naturally won’t forget to share a cup, so we have to do search experience optimization. Search experience optimization, as the name suggests is the user experience. Many webmaster do local travel website, although large website ranked market, but if you want to do local words, and they will not lose to the webmaster. But, there is a strange phenomenon, the webmaster keyword do up, flow came, call many also, but suddenly decided not to clinch a deal.

this, I can only say, because your user experience is not good enough. Take tourism website, for the tourism website user experience should be in the public praise, content, transaction process three aspects.

one. Website reputation

gold silver cup as the user’s reputation, reputation trust in turn is that users on your web site.


we look at the map, in Baidu know such a question, coupled with a large number of visits, the impact on the site is very bad. If you are browsing the site, see this message, you wouldn’t have suspected? Many owners also said very innocent, which belongs to the peer slander, if you want someone to delete the information, but also need a lot of money, really vulnerable.

people can slander you, then you can clarify. You can also publish Baidu, know and publish a bulletin on the website to explain. At least can dispel many users doubt, delete information can through Baidu complaints, not leave negative information is good, but we should also pay attention to others in the station to your website credibility.


travel website is a business website, its credibility is indispensable. As for the website clean and generous, I do not say much. First of all, we can add credit certificates, famous partners and so on for the website. Such small details for the single rate is greatly enhanced, not only that, the conditional best apply for a QQ enterprise customer service, 400 calls, simply leave a QQ, will not let the user have a favorable impression of you. Second, we can design a user comment bar or user real-time dynamic. For example, Mr. A successfully orders, I wish him a good time, Mr. B said: "all aspects are good, good service attitude, that is, the price is a little expensive," this kind of, at least make the site more realistic.

two. Site content

tourism website content can not only tourist attractions indirect and single order process, more is to the user’s true article. Here are two tips for sharing a friend.

‘s first technique is to let tourists travel back and write travel guides, and give them some rewards, coupons, or whatever. Of course, if the site can write its own early, the content should include where to play, where to start, send