How to prevent DC space providers running

personal webmaster, especially the biggest feature of the new owners of the funds is limited, because of this, many people buy in space or independent host is the price in the first place, however, it is often buried after.

often hear some people complain that, IDC IDC service attitude is bad, the service level is very bad, and what is more, so and so certain "human world" disappeared, can not contact. Some time ago, that incident in the central bank, fired a great deal of uproar, resulting in Netcom Yizhuang computer room thousands of servers paralyzed.

these events are heard and analyzed, the reason is very simple.

IDC industry entry threshold is low, do domain name and host, as long as a server plus a domain name agent can do. Do server hosting and rental, as long as the rent in the machine, a cabinet, and then buy a few cheap servers, you can engage in hosting and renting.

such service providers, little resources, customer bandwidth has run up, you will feel speed card. Low competitiveness, so you must use low prices to attract customers. Customers tend to have the mentality of cheap, who is low price who to find. Low prices, but also to make money, how to do, so after-sale technical staff is not in place, leading to poor service attitude or service level of difference. Some prices, must be based on a stable cash flow, because he sold the price is low, but the cost of every month to pay out, if you do not sell what month, cash flow interruption, easy problems, resulting in deficit, how to do? Disappear, run away.

so, we must polish our eyes, never covet low prices, choose such a service provider, all day long.