t’s not a fun gathering deep analysis of Jigsaw Puzzle Patterns and usage

hot spell group is probably from the beginning of 2015, but in 2016 the momentum is fierce, popular on both sides of the Changjiang River. 17 continue to spread to the secondary city further, there are several main groups to fight APP, I believe we are not unfamiliar, fight a lot, spell good goods, adorable shops, a lot of WeChat spell acquaintance is one of the important factors, the fiery spell spread fast, single trial and error and low cost, each region’s official user group and local organizations of the masses of users, in the rhythm of the leadership development more and more rapid analytical groups to fight, we can be divided into several parts: fight products form and play, fight commodity product selection, promotion strategy to explain.

one. Product form


mission to fight the following types of products: lottery group, trial group, Super League, seckill group, sea Amoy group, group free group, fight mode is positioned as a social business, and its strong marketing properties and effect of product promotion and also solve the traffic problems. The group fight on-line only a month, there are hundreds of people "head group" and the "merchant group", as long as the "head group" released fight group activities, tens of hundreds of users will be free of weak ties into the group, or forwarded to other WeChat group of friends, the group the number was explosive growth.

[lottery group] & [probation group]


pull a new weapon, these two types of groups together, accounted for 40% of the platform to take new customers, according to the two kinds of group derived from the new group and the old with new. New group refers to the new registered users, direct guide into the new puzzle zone, only new people can enjoy the price, encourage users to order.


high value, big gimmicks, topics and dissemination of strong, mostly digital 3C products


users participate in the group and join the group, in the N hours after the group, the system will draw a lottery, the user will be able to draw the fight group goods

spell failed automatically refund, spell successful non winning user automatic refund, and receive compensation coupons

trial group, as its name suggests, is similar to the lottery group. Most of the goods are sponsored by the merchant, and the users can be eligible for the trial. The platform will send the goods to the winning users.


for platform drainage, pull new customers lower cost, raise DAU and retention rate


lottery group to attract more users for gambling psychological heavy non normal shopping needs of users, so this means to attract users, the quality is not high, so the ratio of other groups or into ordinary commodity purchase of the normal user is about 20%, later the benefits are not very obvious.