Jewelry business network to promote the full record

because before others company did one on the Chinese herbal medicine web sites, the effect is good, so also want to own an industry B2B website, usually work in attention, finally determined to do a jewelry industry website.


, write down what you’ve done during this time, and be verbose:)

9.10–10.30 is mainly to monitor the same industry website, determine the website mainly for groups and websites, main functions and columns, buy domain name space.

1. Domain name jewelry hair, meaning, ha ha, the website name jewelry business network

two. Space

bought a 400ASP space +50M MSSQL database, double line + independent IP. buy formal company, the price is very expensive, but very stable, the speed is also good,.

three. Column

is basically defined: news, supply and demand, products, companies, forums (not for the time being),

four. Industry classification

mainly divided into the following categories: fashion accessories, mobile phone accessories, jewelry, car accessories, jewelry accessories, other Home Furnishing, (in fact, when the query keyword discovery of non mainstream jewelry query volume is very high, the average daily search volume is 1000-2000, this would make a single classification, but later felt repeat, so removed)


national day seven days off, at home for three days did not go out, and finally engage in procedures out of the.

five. Program

online for a better B2B crack version, can also be felt, but it is the generation of static, so the front of all his handwriting, spent a week, finally fix (here you may have some questions, that can generate static, why into dynamic, this is mainly because I usually you’re going back, don’t have much time to update, and update its efficiency is not very high, and usually work nobody, business registration after the release of information to see if, in front of the site is not affected, there is what I buy is the regular company of space, only 400M, ha ha, after watching the development slowly add


six. Content

registered a dozen members, released hundreds of supply and demand, product information, and then the original " " dozens of news, basically full page up, does not seem to space, each column has several information. (I am tired hand cramps, alas, hurried to the students that play a few days, a bath, saw a half day beauty, ha ha, but back peeling, do die now haven’t finished off)