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said some web site optimization, when a certain degree of optimization, usually have a sense of powerlessness, that no matter how hard, it is difficult to go beyond the competition, this time, is pulled down or continue to catch up with the teeth, again. Sometimes, give up is a choice, and for website optimization, because the Internet changes quickly, adjust website marketing promotion strategy is not a good thing.


said the website optimization, few people will move for the title of the page, on the one hand, in the website construction stage, basically put the page title page title as well, but also to develop their own strategic objectives, change the title is a failure, on the other hand, modify the page title, in SEO optimization in the process, will not allow search engines to feel uncomfortable, and even determine the web presence of cheating behavior, resulting in possible web site is down right? It is because of these considerations, let the webmaster changes in the page title on the special caution, even not to cannot but determined not to modify the page title.

you know, when browsing a web page, the information that appears through the blue bar at the top of the browser is the title of the page". The title of a web page is a high degree of generalization of a web page. In general, the title of the website’s title is the official name of the website. Many of the site’s home page title is longer, in addition to the site name (company name), and the website related business such as keywords, which is mainly for ranking advantage and taken into account in order to search in the search engine results, also belong to the normal search engine optimization method.

we usually search engines to see the description of the website. There are three main parts: website title, website keyword and website description. On the search engine, if the website is collected, usually also can display these three aspects content. The name "title on behalf of the website, and other keywords and description is extended around the title, in general, a well-known description of the site in the title, in addition to the brand name, plus a lot of words, because your brand name is very small, the only access to the user attention through the target keywords, the keywords heat is greater than the corporate brand," the title with a lot of words, is clearly indispensable.


keyword is not imagined so good, but because of underestimation of competitors, some hot words almost simply do not go up, this time, we must think of getting traffic in other words, modify the page title made a taboo, but in the website optimization development into a bottleneck stage, this is one of the feasible ways.

enterprise website online, for example, may be in some products hit, and to the Internet, the flagship product of weak sales, but another products get a lot of attention, at the same time, so the product is cyclical, and in the website description, there may be >