Analysis of the two webmaster must be on the site Chinaz and Admin5

in Keke seems, these two webmaster website should be everyone knows, in this is no nonsense, straight to the theme.

first, functional comparison of two websites, the author thinks that most people use Chinaz as a SEO data query tool, SEO analysis tool Chinaz is simple and easy to use, and the data is reliable. And Admin5 is more people used to learn SEO knowledge, engage in research, so in popularity, Admin5 is really hot.

secondly, there are some differences between some strategies for the two websites. Take the article for example, the author believes that Chinaz is more academic, and Admin5 obviously requires relatively low. With the author in the Admin5 through the paper as an example: "on various business circle" of the three characters who makes the best SEO, but not in the Chinaz approved, some people think because the entertainment, so there is no approved. That is, Admin5 is relatively open, while Chinaz is more academic. In comparison to review articles faster than Chinaz Admin5 Admin5 slightly better, so the user experience is more obviously. This should be one of the reasons why Admin5’s popularity is so hot. Two websites reprinted articles are almost the same rate, but the time to collect different, Chinaz relatively slow. Here, just use the submission as an example to judge the strategic ideas of the two websites. Other major aspects, we can exchange each other to explore. Therefore, some of the two websites have different strategies, which determine the different trends of the two websites.

finally studies the popularity of Google and Baidu for two sites, respectively. Google basically do not have a cold, on the two sites is basically a normal heart treatment, included in the time is normal, you can also see that Google, whether for new sites or old stations, is relatively non discriminatory. Baidu is different, Baidu to Admin5 but fondle admiringly, now to Admin5 contribution review through, not more than half an hour, Baidu included. And Chinaz is not so fast, and popularity has a certain relationship. From this aspect, we can see that Baidu is more confident in old websites and it is important to pay attention to brand building.

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