At present the operating station group is concerned with the success of five easy to ignore key fac

relative to the station group birth caused a huge shock, the current development of station group has entered a stable period, the stationmaster station group attitude more rational and objective, especially the search engine for some stations to suppress and combat, increased by operating the station group success difficult, making a considerable number the stationmaster had a "fear" of the station group, that in this situation the probability of success by operating the station group has been greatly reduced, and the cost and technology is not needed they can bear, this has prompted a considerable number of owners gradually fade before the station group of fanatical pursuit, but in order to wait-and-see attitude. In fact, treatment stations need not be pursued, or worry, station group as a site of many technology and means, it has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, only fully understand and play the advantage, can make use of this tool. In combination with my experience in the past two years, I talk about the five factors and strategies that are easily ignored by the current operation team.

1. Controllable cost optimization of station groups

station group for the first reason muzike "discouraged" lies in its scale to a large number of websites need more force together, which means higher operating costs, the cost will deter considerable personal webmaster. In fact, if we are more familiar with the website space market, we will find many ways to control the cost and realize the control and optimization of the cost of the station group. One is to make use of a variety of free space, like the previous GODADDY to buy the domain name to send free space (currently only in the agency there is a free space to send the official, has stopped, and some old) foreign host provides a stable free space can greatly save the cost. Only for the more affluent webmaster, you can choose an independent server, then in terms of efficiency and optimization will be more advantages.

two, operation rules and discipline of station group

operation station group and interest alone do stand is very different, more successful operation station’s group has targeted very strong, or money targeted individual owners, or has a more comprehensive plan of the company operations, they have common characteristics is full use and play tool stations the execution is very strong. About operation station group to be successful we have to consider their own executive ability is not strong enough, in the process of operation of the standing in the plan, including the daily collection update frequency, optimization and check the number, website promotion, marketing frequency frequency, a full week plan is the most important the implementation and execution, so as to give full play to the efficiency advantage of stations, in order to make it easier to obtain the expected effect.

three, station group means, purpose and mentality,

muzike station will be in your own website as a "blood and honey", as "like a pearl in the palm", but this kind of mentality for the operation of station >