n order to have guns press in the Webmaster Station angle opportunity

to " " guns; I temporarily go, people always want to work for a living. If possible, I will be back in stationmaster net. I hope


for 87 years, she is 21 years old! Oh, too little has been in the last few years. To this day, only to find himself is already an adult. Adults should have the responsibility. I? Not the webmaster, but a few months this day has been a focus on stationmaster net at the moment. In the share of happiness, the webmaster is very happy. Hope I can own into the circle of a day, but now think… Good opportunities for micro… Perhaps their own character and ability, not to blame others. People always hope that you can be successful in the shortest period of time. He also can’t escape. What not? I believe we have had when reading novels? Hehe… The plot is generally what? See novel friends all know… Unspecified said. Why are there so many " grey boy " the novels appear? After all is because people love to see why. People like to watch it because there are so many people who want " crash " "

". Are you one of them, too?

station, I also feel that the work is not to make money or speed… I see little to think so… You can also believe that the speed of station now? What is the rate? Always want to know… I was wrong, always thought I can. And now what self-study to have neither learning nor skill. Found that the learning environment is so important. Look at my mistakes much… At home, C, C++, Photoshop, CorelDRAW, 3D, MAX… Books. All interested in buy back.. expensive. The most terrible thing is that I almost never opened. Of course not only the book, there are " ", " Yijing; ", " historical physiognomy; " " ", ", eight;; paint "…. too funny, always want to know is Zhu Geliang. Before the five hundred years after five hundred years of this realm far I have this? It seems less books. Now know why you cannot enter into this circle of webmaster. I was too greedy, too. It’s time to go floating


will go to work tomorrow (April 19th), or didn’t have the chance to see this article. The introduction is also very likely editors don’t let through. I’m not the webmaster, is not capable, hope you don’t underestimate me. Thank you! If there are people like me who go out to work, grinding " guns; "! Ground the gun can have the opportunity to do the real webmaster " "