Does your story Amoy Amoy promotion

in Taobao shop for nearly 2 years, from the shop 3 months before nobody, disheartened, and this year after the Spring Festival, from three drill straight to the crown, there are too many experiences and insights. Originally intended to put these ideas sentiment sorted out in October 2nd Anniversary store occasion, posted to the forum to communicate with friends, this second sister invited guest by his crown on cognitive graffiti and related guest here, welcome criticism.

Taobao currently launched two promotional models I have been using:

train, very intuitive and effective, but competitors are together, is quitting, run a single high rate of joy and worry. Do the train to promote my is using a similar "Tian Ji horse" rule (now that it is the essence of network marketing), meet with the competitor short soldiers, PPC amount every day to refresh the high, it may seem that the dark is the fight for tourists is cruel, ah.

Amoy platform, rely on convenient and reliable system of Alipay, the guest and sellers collected together, highly interactive, greatly expanded, it goes beyond the recommended window display mode, let the seller out of Taobao windows, the Internet has become a stage to show Taobao store.

Tao with his unique personality style management "window" resources, the seller to clinch a deal after the Commission returns the guest "the window" is recommended, this mode is not only network advertising initiative, which is a manifestation of equality and win-win cooperation network ecological chain, has a strong vitality and development momentum. Narrow width of product marketing, a new starting line Amoy promotion is Taobao to the seller to provide the platform to join this method is very simple, the second sister posts have instructions went through channels. But like a store, a month has sold out a thousand items, but it’s not just a matter of setting up a product, but it’s so simple.

I think, like Amoy promotion in the next game, the platform is a chessboard, commodity is a pawn, the player is the guest. What the seller needs to do is to layout the chess pieces and find the chess players. The layout of a dish of chess is the most of Guan Jian’s nonsense like layout, their hearts are countless sellers, good players also put it under not to live, not wonderful.

is my guest in the commodity distribution mode of promotion to. This point is a core product that has enough price appeal, eye appeal. For example, a store products: washing towel, four key words: rave reviews, monthly sales of 10000, free postage, disposable cleaning agent, this title is every word with every competition, let those who love the housework brother sister-in-law who can not help but want to look in. 1.25 yuan ultra low commodity monthly sales commission, the commission rate of return of 30%. This is a trump card, as a guest player or get up and do not want to put down the trump card.

Cosmetics seller

to list another successful use of guest promotion, he adopted the "civilian price" and "climax" effect "as long as 5 yuan more than the praise" advertisement, the Commission returns in more than 20%, also sell thousands of pieces.