From doing station one month experience say website operation

station has been a month, during this time, I was fortunate to know a lot of friends on the Internet, in some SEO elder’s help, I learned a lot of things, so that my station, every day from sporadic several IP to now every more than 100 IP, expected 200 mark will break this week, and in everyone’s help, I have done a keyword, rose more than 170, a week in advance Oh, thank you brother’s enthusiastic group help today, reviewing the study this month:

, a first for the novice, especially just do stand friends, please how to study some good, learn from others, others look at the website design, structure, key words distribution optimization. This is also in line with China’s national conditions, ha, first imitate other people’s things, and then in this process slowly absorb, accumulate experience, and finally add some of their own ideas, you become unique.

two, tag optimization, the Title page of the page is best to match our theme, the main keyword in the page, do not write too much, the usual Title style, title + stop name. The META tag " description" description of a "brief introduction, this information may appear in the search results, so according to the actual situation of web design, and try to avoid web content is not related to the" description ", in addition, the good has its own description of each page (at least one section of the web page has a corresponding description), rather than the entire website using the same description, because a website has multiple pages, each page of the content is certainly different, if using the same description, there will be some web content is not directly related to clearly, this is not conducive to search the engine on the web page ranking, is not conducive to the user according to the information in the search results to determine whether to click into the website to get further information. The META tag " Keywords", and META tags in the " description" " Keywords" similar, is also used to describe a web page to list the attributes, but the content is "Keywords", rather than "the introduction. This means choosing the right keywords based on the topic and content of the page. In the choice of keywords, in addition to considering the core content and web related, it should be easy to the user through the search engine retrieval, too unfamiliar vocabulary do not fit the keywords in META tags. The design of the META keyword tag, to note don’t stack too many keywords, keyword listing a large number of no great significance for the search engine, for some popular areas (i.e. the number of sites, and even more similar) may have side effects.

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