For the first time in A5 successfully buy cost effective website experience sharing

Hello everyone, today I will share with you in the A5 shopping experience, and for the first time in A5 successful purchase of a cost-effective website detailed process.

1, buy a website to want to choose the

that oneself are interested in and be good at firstBuy a website to always want to

before the operation, because although there is some garbage station, but the feeling to the long-term development, or to operate in several potential regular warfare, probably from the beginning of the August. I was in the A5 website for trading constantly to find others for sale website, at that time, I on the site the price a bit do not understand, do not know which is expensive, which is cheaper, to see so many websites of every hue, don’t know where to start. I stand in the film, the novel game station, stand in the middle of wandering for a long time, every day, what new website sold in, appeared in the middle of a few more attractive to me, the price is very expensive, which belongs to the station, are carried out and sellers to communicate, then think again, found that these stations are good, but if I don’t understand this industry, do not know how to operate, even to buy, may go downhill. Finally, I fixed my eyes on the sports station which I was very interested in.

2, how to carefully analyze the sale of website

before buying

first, for acquisition of the site, we must carefully analyze the reasons for sale website, it is because of personal reasons, work, or the site itself, because it is related to you after the acquisition of. If a website basically looks good, the webmaster is really busy with personal and work reasons, that’s really good, but such an example is wrong, and this requires more communication with the seller for some time. Like me, and sellers communicate for almost two weeks, found that the seller is really busy, no time on the line, doing business in the entity. Secondly, analysis for some index website, PV analysis of the basic flow, flow analysis, analysis of the source, to see whether the flow of the main traffic from search engines, if the flow is mainly to exchange, so the station price should not use IP to calculate how much, and exchange and friendship to the most unstable flow who knows, you can maintain long after buying. Finally, we also need to analyze whether the site has room to rise, to my live sports station, some time ago in the SARFT crackdown, shortly after the world cup, the League did not start, the flow is naturally low, this is a site in the off-season, this time to buy, cheap is not good, and there is a rising space and how to judge? PR is 4, the chain 20 thousand, each keyword ranking in the home page and second pages, the snapshot, the weight can be said to be very good, as long as the operation is good, has great room for growth.

3, be careful of all the pitfalls of website trading

website trading, we are most worried about is whether the site really value for money, whether there is cheating. In the forum website, trading plate stroll more, naturally found many traps, such as all kinds of excuses that he is busy, badly in need of money >