Baidu’s search ranking principle

Baidu’s search ranking principle

Baidu is the world’s best provider of Chinese information retrieval and delivery technology. The company is known as the world’s largest provider of Chinese search technology". China all search engine portal, more than 90% are provided by Baidu search engine technology to support existing customers include Sina, Sohu (ChinaRen), Tom (, Tencent, 263, 21cn,, Guangzhou,, windows north, West, Chongqing air space information hotline, Jilin Hong Kong, Daqing port, East hotline, Hunan port, Nanyang port, Shunde information network.

Baidu search engine using high performance "web spider" program to automatically search for information on the Internet, can be customized and extended scheduling algorithm makes the search engine can collect the largest number of Internet information in a very short period of time. Baidu has servers in all parts of China and the United States, covering mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Macao, Singapore and other parts of the Chinese language, as well as parts of North America and europe. Baidu search engine has the world’s largest Chinese information library, the total amount to more than 60 million pages, and is still in the hundreds of thousands of pages per day rate of rapid growth. Because of the information indexing algorithm of background application efficient, greatly improves the response speed of retrieval and bear visits the stability, Baidu search engine on more than 60 million Web search a local average response time less than 0.5 seconds.

Baidu Inc (, Inc) at the end of 1999, the United States was established in Silicon Valley, its founder, is a senior expert information retrieval technology, hyperlink analysis of patent holders only Robin Li — the president of Baidu, and their friends — has many years of successful business experience in Silicon Valley, Baidu Executive Vice President Dr. Xu Yong.

Baidu search engine features

1. word processing based information processing. It solves the problem of understanding Chinese information, and greatly improves the accuracy and recall of search.

2. supports mainstream Chinese coding standards. Including GBK (Chinese characters, internal code specification) GB2312 (Simplified), BIG5 (traditional), and can switch between encoding.

3. intelligent correlation algorithm. A method based on content and hyperlink analysis is adopted to evaluate the correlation, and the information contained in the web page can be objectively analyzed, so as to maximize the relevance of retrieval results.

4. search results can indicate rich web attributes (such as title, URL, time, size, encoding, abstract, etc.), and highlight the user’s query string, so that users can judge whether to read the original text.

5. Baidu search support two searches (also known as progressive retrieval or retrieval approach). You can continue to search in the last search results and gradually narrow the search area until you reach the minimum