2014 second half of the year how do you plan to operate a website

since 2013, Baidu’s several major updates to the system, have you created

?In July 6,

black has passed, you are still jittery?

in the current situation, the previous SEO program needs to be adjusted, and the website operation plan needs to be changed. Have you made any changes?

1, Baidu Scindapsus algorithm 1, the algorithm is mainly against the super chain intermediary, sell links, buy links and other super chain cheating.

2, Baidu pomegranate algorithm, this algorithm is aimed at containing bad advertisements interfere with the user’s normal browsing page, especially to confuse the pop up a large number of low quality pop ads, the main content of the spam page page. Baidu pomegranate algorithm is a further blow for low quality site upgrades, and before Baidu algorithm corresponding to the green, it is the Baidu search engine to improve the user experience, a powerful means of improving the quality of search.

3, Baidu original spark plan, the algorithm is mainly for the acquisition of pseudo original, low-quality content flooding site, so that the original value is greater embodiment.

4, Baidu Scindapsus algorithm 2, the algorithm is mainly aimed at some sites everywhere release promotion of the soft, green by algorithm 2, will increase the filtration of the soft outside the chain of efforts to increase the punishment to the target site.

5, crack down on and punish the sale of two domain names or directories for cheating sites.

6, Baidu search results page link address optimization upgrade.

7, site results show escalation, in order to prove.

8 and Baidu have stepped up efforts to clean up news sources.

9, Baidu released a white paper on the quality of web search, the white paper aims to provide high-quality content for search users, low-quality web pages will reduce the opportunity to display, or even included. Web search quality white paper, please visit http://s.zhanzhang.baidu.com/wiki/258 for details.

from Baidu’s previous algorithm updates can be seen, Baidu more and more attention to web quality. Therefore, in order to be able to get more display opportunities and better content to the user, we need to work hard to build the content of the site.

the content of a website, such as human blood, is fundamental to website operations. No one user likes junk content. If your website is full of spam, just imagine, can your website attract customers?

as we all know, data analysis is the foundation of website operation. Only through analysis can we find out the existing problems of the website, and according to these problems, we can make the next step of the operation plan. The ultimate goal of website operation is to improve website quality and service users, so the analysis of user behavior and demand is also very important part of website operation.