Free access to the value of thousands of marketing software a little experience

how can I get thousands of marketing software for free? And it also proves that my theory of network searching for resources is practical.

            yesterday morning, should be an old friend, help him to crack the software, at the time of the operation, suddenly forget to use the method, a software of Khan, this time has been busy in the push bar station here for a long time not used, so find a learning software to crack the review homework, suddenly found the site to provide some now the network is the fire mass software download, see the name of the software. As far as I know, this software is valuable, so the point into the next, the download address does exist, but next to the marked member only download, so I registered members, immediately click the download address, the system prompts the membership level is not enough, this is I found next to the address but also wrote the software only VIP members to download, is preparing to leave the station, I think since all registered members, then go to download some tutorial, this is I found a problem, although in some tutorial next to mark the VIP members to download privileges, but ordinary members can still download, so I just went back to download bulk software address, click on the other group of software download address, hey, even ordinary members can also download software download, I immediately after testing, no, actually all can be used, The effect is good, but it looks like the software has been cracked, but also made their own registration machine, found a group of software official website, which make me mine down, these marketing software prices are between 200-800 yuan. So I downloaded all one by one, all the test, in addition to a member of the Alibaba information collection software does not use, all can be used normally! So I contacted the webmaster, tell him the download address vulnerabilities, webmaster at QQ gave me an amazing look after no answer after 3 minutes, the download station contacted me to express my thanks, I also told the webmaster I downloaded his free software, even if you were to stationmaster, I insist on paying him, because I know the webmaster is not easy! After a decline, finally bought the software at half price.

so I say, when everyone in the search for the cyber source must be careful, the last time I was in the A5 posted an article on how to find the cyber source of the article, we can see, are some of my personal experience, hey hey, today show. I will send all the software to the station, the friends need to download it. (prompt download software, first of all to register as my member’s yo! Because i banned the outside staff sharing station resources)

almost forgot to say, "I’m standing, or you don’t know where to go."! Push it together,