An independent App developer confession do APP is a gamble you will bet

author Jared Sinclair, independent iOS App design developer. The App she developed has Unread, Riposte, and Whisper. This article comes from her blog, and the blog address is: In the article, she carefully records the development process and data of Unread, and draws some experience and reflection. I’s dark horse agrees with what she says in the text: "designing and developing any kind of App is a lottery."." I hope this article will bring some inspiration and help for App developers.

as far as I know, other independent App design developers will not publish the data to be published in my article. The purpose of this article is not to complain about what, in fact I feel that App and Unread are very lucky, so I want to thank all the support in my blog, twitter, all gave me encouragement, and all my people pay to download App.

I’m writing this article to share my story with App about Unread, and I hope the energy saving in this story is helpful to those interested in independent development of App. Maybe you’ll think my story is a lesson, or you may get a better idea of how to do it better, which proves that there is still a chance to succeed in the independent App development market.

first of all, I have several basic arguments:

‘s App market doesn’t seem that big to pay for downloads;

in terms of sales, it is much more useful for well-known bloggers to share than App stores;

paid download business model can not generate sustained profits;

if you want to make a lot of money on pay to download App, then you must hit the first week of App line;

just on line App don’t sell at a discount, so sales probably never go up. Reasonable pricing, please.

‘s sustainable income may come from either the purchase of consumables in App or from continued subscriptions, but not from paid downloads.

sweat and tears

since July 13, I started developing Unread, completed the overall design of App in six weeks, and then programmed it into Xcode for the next spring. I’ve estimated that since July 13 to February 14, the iPhone version of Unread 1 has been on the line. I work 60-80 hours a week. In the process, I encountered many challenges: making custom user interfaces, navigating and controlling, making large shared stacks, making synchronization architectures, optimizing performance, and so on.

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