How to build a social O2O platform for women

into the dating software, at first glance, what do you see? See the unconscious is scraper, all kinds of people in the photos uploaded. Now is an important social value of Yan, love to play all kinds of dating software for friends, unfamiliar street and ultimately WeChat tools, especially women, are self love and share to friends or friends in unfamiliar street, was slower than the others. In the unfamiliar software, people can even see the nearest distance women in space photos. But it’s just a software that performs some of the same free features, and every company might be willing to do something like that.

Tencent in the circle of friends, was the first to put the function into the mobile phone side, but until now less than prosperous time, Tencent are in a variety of value-added services using QQ, such as QQ members, yellow and various diamond opened, replacing the QQ space skin. You want these to be exchanged using RMB. Because the QQ viscosity degree is particularly high, plus before dating software is scarce, although some companies launched similar dating software, but due to the application of QQ interpersonal communication and social binding, still can not shake its own position. QQ’s popularity in China, as well as the convenience of people to connect with a series of reasons, are QQ bundled user communication in a tool. In any case, QQ brings us convenience, increase interpersonal communication, do not have nothing to do with the phone or SMS contact, however, Tencent is built with QQ ecology, coupled with a variety of value-added services, fun socializing.


with the popularity of smart phones, especially in recent years, all kinds of friends, APP or applications are operating. The expansion of 3G and 4G mobile networks in China, coupled with mobile phone companies and software production companies, is creating their own application download interfaces. It can be said that the convenience of people to download a variety of applications, the use of QQ, do not worry about the use of other software, I feel bad, you can download directly, and then play for other applications. However, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Software companies design software and promote software. They say the white dots are user’s use and make a profit.

‘s output for yen may be nothing more than women or small meat online. How to play social networks, for all kinds of applications, are trying to maintain user stickiness and retain users. Just two years ago, speculation is the micro business, businesses are in the promotion, but open WeChat, shuala is a mask to buy advertising and share. It can be said that WeChat has been taken to the advertising, but it is in the use of women’s beauty mentality cosmetics sales. Some micro businesses use the beauty of women, especially WeChat social O2O, no less than Taobao or physical store profits.

, some institutions in the plastic surgery industry are also using this point, starting from the streets and WeChat aspects of female social networking. Although this kind of social interaction can bring great good to some industries