Good at analysis of Web site is the necessary skills of novice webmaster

first of all, the author here why the title as "quasi analytical website, is the essential skills of novice Adsense? Actually, I want to say is that the author is a true novice webmaster, do stand in the way of analysis has been taken is to win the company website. So for some of our new Adsense, want to do enterprise website, the most important is to rely on analysis. Therefore, the author today to his three months to do the station experience to share with you, but also to do their own station, the first step to success.

three months ago, the author entered the company, relying on the Linux system operation and maintenance and website editing technology, in this furniture enterprises to do the website operation and maintenance division. Before graduating SEO learned at an Internet company, so can speak a little, so to find a job now, then found in the website without ranking and has been in the promotion of Baidu and Sogou, a simple analysis of the site, no snapshot, included a lot of garbage the chain and the chain, because of the charge of the website is not very understand, so have been in use in the post posting machine to do the promotion, not so important to see the master. The company also came to know, responsible for the website and server as well as employees of the company computer a large pear Oh, Rushan!! in the face of this huge task, the author did not let down, but by means of previously accumulated experience to do. The moment that made me laugh at last, it happened, and the efforts I made in the last three months have not been wasted. Baidu has a snapshot, keywords have rankings, the chain to restore high quality.


actually do enterprise station is not as difficult as everyone imagined, the most important thing is to rely on analysis of Web site to implement. As long as the analysis of the website, what are missing, and what, the website structure has been optimized in the end, and so on, I believe that as long as the efforts will be rewarded. The author believed that, in three months I did a lot of, from dawn to dusk every day for Baidu service at night to Baidu feet, coax Baidu sleep. Early in the morning to give the mother cooked rice, so that the mother is not hungry, and finally to the degree of love, or like the author. Here’s my experience specific to everyone.

1: analysis of your website and competitor’s website

station is the most important thing is to learn to analyze their own website and the competitor’s website, not only will you analysis, the other will analysis, so we should learn from each other, the shortcomings of others as their own shortcomings, the advantage of others as their own shortcomings. First, analysis of their own website, I do is food type website, the website is the main job of burdock tea, five vegetable soup, rice tea and other food, so under the careful analysis of the chain and the chain of the content is targeted, then the name of this several food pen as the site of the long tail keywords. Keywords food but the efficacy and role and price and side effects. As for the host and domain name, what those of the author do not mention, in the purchase >