Give up 20W annual salary my entrepreneurial experience in Guangzhou

at the end of 2005, I decided to join the army of Internet entrepreneurs. The concept of planning, brewing in the mind for nearly half a year, first with the family around to explore, and get very high support. Also half shy, semi confidential, sharing with close friends and colleagues, and also finding the concept attractive. Then gave up the annual income of 20W work, into the Internet industry. A few years ago, I went to work on the side of the hotel opened, but also participated in a company’s business, belong to the courage, thinking of the living.

explains why it’s so hard to keep a secret. Because at that time, always feel that their concept is unique in the world, for fear of being stolen commercial secrets. Later, I learned that there was no virgin land in the world, and the things that I could think of were taken into consideration by others.

to start now, nearly 1 years, good progress has been made in all aspects, the team running in place, also built the core shareholders, promotion, market, financing in orderly progress, will finally be entrepreneurial in some experience to share with you friends. Content will involve the website’s planning, construction, company registration, server purchase, sub risk investment, shareholder cooperation and so on.

I used to work for finance and branding, and IT was a layman. Now that you’re out of business, the first thing you’re faced with is team building.

1. Team building in online entrepreneurship

first of all, the two subordinates of the former company decided to come out with me. L, male, advertising undergraduate, flexible, thoughtful, able to write, able to plan, is my direct subordinate. C, female, undergraduate English, bright eye-catching, energetic, familiar with the administration and human resources. L and C are the first supporters of my career and are two very good assistants, but not mature enough to be my partner.

H was introduced by previous suppliers. It’s very smart to do professional website construction. Originally intended to pay 2-4W yuan, please ask them to build this site. After several communication, H is also very optimistic about this project, decided to provide technical support, the site has a 5% stake in the company. I accepted the cooperation. The result is a lot of trouble for the future. I will be specific in the follow-up website construction issues.

B is a very good friend of mine and supports and concerns at the beginning of the project. B is a top executive of some of the world’s top IT companies, Chinese American, with considerable visibility and professionalism. His support gave me a lot of confidence in the website. B invested part of the money and equipment, held a certain stake in the company, and served as chairman. He is primarily responsible for negotiating with the VC.

has technology (H), administrative, financial, personnel (C), brand promotion (L and I), financing (B), the team is mainly lacking in marketing talent. W just got in touch with me at this time. W is my high school classmate, do not have much contact, he was mainly in the field of management, good interpersonal skills, good image. Then start a trade business