Grass root stationmaster what kind of website suits you most

according to different standards, the website can be divided into several types, such as the site in accordance with the nature of the main body can be divided into the government website, enterprise website, commercial website, website, website of education and scientific research institutions and other non-profit organizations and other types of websites. According to the website pattern division, may divide into the synthesis kind, the portal website, the electronic commerce website, the specialized website and so on, regarding the grass root stationmaster, constructs the personal website is the most practical. The following, the author through a brief description of the site model, analysis of grassroots webmaster what type of site is most suitable.

1, integrated portal class website

provides more comprehensive content to users, and it can suit the needs of different users. Therefore, the website access is great, but the user base of the website is not very stable, and the loyalty of the users is relatively low. Such websites must be eliminated by competition to eliminate most of the same sites. Sina ( is a representative of such sites.

2, e-commerce website

such websites mainly use the Internet as the means to carry out electronic commerce and obtain profits through the activities of e-commerce. Alibaba and Taobao have achieved great success in both B2B and C2C, but B2C lacks the same heavyweight Internet companies.

3, professional website

The information service provided by

is relatively professional and single, so the visit of website is far less than that of integrated website, but it is easy to have high loyalty users. Unique features of Web services, lack of competition and stable users determine their advantages in providing paid services. My online image generation of is a typical example of this type of website.

through analysis, we can draw, without funds, no technical small webmaster is difficult to do these types of Web site, blindly follow the trend, will only die faster. However, in the vertical division of the field, these large sites seem to have some "stretched out". Personal webmaster may look for breakthroughs from the following examples:

1, local website

this website has geographical advantages, users easily find local sense of belonging and become loyal users, however, due to geographical factors, the number of users will be subject to certain restrictions. But if you do well, it should be good, like Xiamen fish community is very popular.

2, small industry website

professional website is also strong, but big industry is basically saturated, small industry popularity is limited. For example, the car industry is too large, may wish to consider only new cars, dynamics, lubricants and other smaller, more specialized areas.

3, familiar with and interested in the industry

, which industry fire to follow is very dangerous, once the site traffic can not achieve the desired results, it is easy to produce tired, rejected heart, such a site!