tBuDu four important factors to improve website quality


do Bo, have been concerned about the A5 written by bloggers on every little bit. Look at some bloggers every day in their own websites eagerly focus on form, of course, ItBuDu is no exception, because of excellent blog now pay special attention to their station, to exchange a Links with them, but also spend Money for this, although I do not want to see, but the reality is that. Below, I will provide some of my previous blog experience when I was a little bit.

1, increase the chain website: don’t mind other people’s website PR, exchange links with you believe you must be doing with your blog friends forever. Of course, when looking for links, we should be optimistic about whether you can exchange. The Baidu not included or not only included the home page; the Baidu snapshot for more than 7 days do not, because more than 2-3 days, belongs to the normal, no more than N; not the link page; the number of sites included not less.

2, website faster: blog first enter the website is usually enter the URL in the browser or by clicking on the link, the first open speed will be recognized. If more than five seconds your website is still not open, usually will be directly closed, so we should choose a high speed host, and the website code optimization streamline to optimize the site speed, of course is just fast enough, to stabilize your web server, do not always open, if any a few sites are not open, you will not trust your website.

The design of

3, the style of the whole website to be beautiful, simple and generous: This is to give you a good impression, let friends see down, will be addicted to your blog, don’t do as some bloggers too fancy. About this point, I’ll write a blog about it later.


website every day update: I think this is very important, you will certainly have doubt, because access to your website from the blog, see the article always so few, although may not be updated every day, but often update or want, just ItBuDu suggests that no matter how busy, take the time to write about, also does not matter.

The above points is

ItBuDu temporarily concluded on site to enhance the user’s experience of these methods is not only useful to the user, for search engines, have the same effect, search engines are also used to judge the quality of a web site to the user’s point of view. If you have any better suggestions, ItBuDu sincerely look forward to your comments and leave a message for you to learn from each other.

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