A female stationmaster does station six days experience

last October, with his passion for web design, he decided to be his own website. At that time, that ignorance ah, pure with Dreamweaver do, continuous do more than ten days, did a dozen Web pages, at that time that tired. Then is to choose the domain name space, what all don’t understand that when someone.Com domain CMS name, I will buy.Com, domain name selection is random, the website name Chou Chou, we chose a www.51chouchou.com domain name, it seems a little regret, a little long, ha ha. The choice of space is not very clear, which cheaper to buy, but now with the line, no problem.

do a good job site, and immediately uploaded, and then hang a statistics on the site, every day to see statistics, very disappointed, every day so a dozen IP, it is estimated that friends help, huh, huh. Then updated the content of the site every day, pure static, tired dead, then really disappointed on the site. Hold on for less than a month and give up.

in March this year, I began to learn network promotion knowledge, read a lot of content, download a lot of information, feel these knowledge are identical (maybe I see too shallow, pure self.). Then I was very eager to find a SEO job, want to see their own strength, asked several recruitment of SEO, I have not, they must have work experience, have successful case, really dizzy, I have nothing, there is some empty theory. So I started to stand again.

in May this year, I learned what CMS template, qcms, you are easy to move, automatic site template, then the excited ah, like the discovery of the new continent. So, every day I read on the Internet looking for information, learning these templates, self-study will always encounter a variety of problems, really disappointed, very helpless. PHP server installed on the machine, ASP server let me headache, with the dedication of the site, I ran around to master advice. The beginning of the choice of easy template, feel that the background function is very powerful, online video tutorials, learning templates every day. At that time, want to do a website, which is a person’s thing, too tired, ha ha. Easy to move the template debugging, there will always be errors, no one pointing, and they are also pondering the bad, so gave up the easy to move template (although the site has been done, but I still study the template Yi, ha ha).

personally, I’m interested in literature. I want to be a literary website. Inadvertently, I found a very good online article management system, really happy. Casually changed the site, upload a lot of articles, the site was born. (excited!)


June 6th uploaded website, a memorable day.

, write it today. There’s going to be a meeting later, huh?. Tomorrow I’ll write down what I’m going to do next.

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