Website revision how to correctly set 301 redirect

Analysis of

just cast a 301 redirect to the affected site in A5, after analysis I sorted out my website ( is set up as long as the Baidu Webmaster Tools "website" this one, when I looked at the specific parameters of the function need equipment, as a texture analysis.


just opened when adding revision rules function, because a power set in the "state", this one shows the failure / display, and it indicated that the reason of failure about the revision, the contents of the instructions in the URL does not cover the new old domain in URL.

mentioned above, before the old domain name revision tips failure can be analyzed, 301 redirect is a condition, can not meet the conditions of the webmaster, I here is not recommended to do a 301 redirect, made a return and will affect the effectiveness of the site, this is my new station. In conclusion, the new station just on the line for 1 months and 26 days, to January 1 weight is complacent but has not been stable, Guan Jian word flow webmaster tools check, for the new domain name, when the old domain name, the weight of 32 days of upward and downward is not the answer, because I just update the original article, add some little friends the chain and the chain, and this has not done what bad thing? Why the weight of old domain name but promoted? And has been ranked in the new domain and alternate! I found that until today, Baidu in the original version of the function There has been no revision success, because the site is improperly revised, resulting in Baidu’s right to drop the new domain name.

summarize the above conclusions: the 301 redirect best setting station redirection in the server, set up to detect whether the page to return a 301 status, but also requires the website of original URL network structure to new and old domain name, if not to meet the two requirements at the same time, I suggest the webmaster is best not to do 301 redirect

, no meaning!

reprint, please bring small knitting new station domain name, thank you!


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