Why is it so difficult for the webmaster

Change the

of the website in the search engine is a common thing, but you can’t Baidu so tease me, starting from yesterday, the number of stations in the Baidu index suddenly increased to 3060 pages, but all the keywords ranking No. Others overnight nothing, I am Wednesday morning becomes poor and blank. The so-called bad luck when what disaster ensued, the use of 51.la website statistics, yesterday also occurred in the fault occurred, your web host’s server is unable to repair, resulting in the correct estimation of traffic statistics, the loss of 60%, because Baidu to flow is basically in this range.

this morning up to see statistics, hope that Baidu is a mistake, all ranking will be restored, the result is disappointed, Baidu to 10 IP, only a very low 1-2 competition "and other rankings, or does not exist, the number of included back to the 1220 page, than yesterday a little more than half, but more than the day before yesterday 200 pages, it is not known what causes the website has been updated normally, is more than half of the old station.

has not yet found a specific reason, so it can not be the right remedy, the following reason is only a guess:

in the previous 1. day no ranking before the Ali Mama Taobao guest Valentine station banner advertising, Baidu will not react so fast and stingy.

2.site when the home page has not been in the first, probably more than a month, because the home ranking has been good, thought it was normal phenomenon, so did not pay much attention to.

3. more than a month ago with a custom 404 page error, by the way, more than a month ago to adjust some of the column structure.

4. site basically adhere to 40% of the original, +30 pseudo original, +30% reproduced.

I think the reason

basically only these, don’t know why Baidu is cruel to me, this road station why so difficult to walk! Only the memory of the disaster of www.haowang123.org.cn days, also hope to get help to restore the master station in Baidu ranking.

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